Featured Concept: Accent Walls

Accent walls have been the focus of much debate in the design community. Some feel strongly that accent walls do more harm than good. Others, including designers at Cathers Home, believe that when used properly, they are a powerful tool to create unique and dynamic spaces. To shed light on this topic, here are some of our best practices for accent walls.  

1. Have a reason.

Too often accent walls beg the question, “why didn’t you finish painting the room?” When used properly accent walls can serve to highlight the main piece of furniture in the room such as a bed (seen above) or a desk. Accent walls can also be used to highlight unique architectural elements, seen above, drawing the eye to the uniqueness of the space and in the case of the bunk beds seen below adding depth to a smaller space. When making the choice  of adding an accent wall, always ask yourself why.

2. Color matters.

Once you have a reason for an accent wall you have to pick a color, second to the location this is the most important piece of a successful accent wall. Different colors create different effects on the eye; warm colors seem to come towards the viewer while cooler colors, as seen in the patterned grey wall of the bunk  bedroom above, tend to draw away. Keeping this in mind when choosing a color for you accent wall will help you make the best choices for the feel and flow of your space.

3. Don’t be shy.

Once you’ve committed to an accent wall, do your best to complete the design in regards to the whole room. Whether it’s a patterned on the accent wall or a unique series of accessories to fit with the room, do what needs to be done to make the whole space right. In the office space seen below Cathers Home added a unique patterned accent wall that is highlighting the desk while matching with the orange lamp, creating a work space that is at once boldly unique and subtly cohesive.

Wine Room Design

Even part-time Aspenites will agree that in our small, mountain town, wine is more than just a libation. It is often a large part of our lifestyle, and we take it very seriously. So it is no surprise that many of our clients devote a dedicated cellar to this potion, sometimes larger than their Kid’s Bedrooms. They also expect their collection to live in a very well designed space.

 In this particular room, Cathers Home were asked to create a temperature and humidity controlled environment that will showcase an extensive collection of rare and limited vintages as well as the everyday bottles. To achieve an authentic yet unique cellar ambiance, we used reclaimed wood from European wine boxes to lay the floors. Custom storage was built around the perimeter to accommodate over a thousand bottles. A bar at the back of the cellar anchors the room and provides counter space for opening and decanting those precious bottles. The colorful backsplash is elegant gemstone surface that we backlit for extra drama. And to finish off the room we used a local artist to create playful light fixture using what else but wine bottles. The contrast between natural old woods, refined gems and a bit of whimsy creates the perfect blend of glamorous and rustic elements that Aspen Chic style is known for.

Featured Service: Furniture Layouts

A room without furniture is akin to an artist’s unpainted canvas. Arranging furniture and painting a piece of art require strategy. An interior designer must answer questions like, “How will the color and texture of this piece interact with this other piece?” Or, “What will be the impact of introducing this particular shape into the space?

At Cathers Home, furniture layout is one of our many design services. When we consider how to arrange furniture in a current project, our design team begins by reviewing the space in question, and closely listening to the client’s goals for that space. This first step guides the furniture layout process.

Non-Residential Furniture Layout: Aspen Jewish Community Center

Sitting before a roaring fireplace with family and friends brings comfort. This feeling is brought to life in the fireplace seating area in the Aspen Jewish Community Center. In the space, the color orange suggests a circle, and invites community members to sit and talk.

Residential Furniture Layout: Owl Creek Ranch

This Owl Creek Ranch residence has large windows that let in abundant light. Our design team carefully selected furniture of a size that would harmonize, rather than be in competition, with the floor-to-ceiling windows. This balance maintains the light, bright, and airy quality already present in the home.

Furniture layout is our expertise. You can put your trust in the Cathers Home design team when it comes to creating a room that speaks to your personal style.

Learn more about our interior design services.

Featured Artist: Jace Romick

When first seeing a Jace Romick photograph, it’s evident that the picture tells a multilayered story of the spectacular outdoors. Whether his subject is majestic wildlife, dramatic rodeo action or world class skiing, Mr. Romick brings historical knowledge and firsthand experience to the piece. 

Jace focuses cameras on his life’s passions, creating works of art that evoke a certain visceral response and unique perspective.   

When growing up in Steamboat Springs, Jace fully explored his twin loves of skiing and riding horses. As he matured, those passions flourished. His skiing led to a spot on the US Ski Team, racing in the World Championships and World Cup downhill events. His love of horses drove him to compete in rodeos, which he still participates in every summer. 

Another passion is collecting vintage ski equipment. Some of these pieces are featured prominently in his art, calling to mind a timeless moment in the sport’s origins.

Mr. Romick’s wildlife shots celebrate the animals he adores. The lone buffalo with its back steaming displays Jace’s ability to not only masterfully photograph an iconic American animal, but to capture the unbridled spirit of the west.

Jace Romick mounts his photographs on deeply grained wood panels with complementary nail heads, and the exterior frame is either aluminum or wood.

Cathers Home is excited and honored to be chosen to showcase Jace Romick’s photographs.  From his emotionally moving subjects to his unique framing, they are truly works of art.

To see Jace Romick’s framed masterpieces in person, come visit our showroom at 530 Basalt Avenue in Basalt, Colorado. 

Cathers Home Wins "Best of Design" on Houzz®

Cathers Home has been making a name for themselves not only in the Roaring Fork Valley, but also in the global home design community. Houzz, the leading online platform for home remodeling and design, awarded Cathers Home Architecture & Design Studio Projects as the most popular among its 35 million users. 

A “Best of Houzz 2016 - Design” badge appears on Cathers Home profile, as a symbol of their commitment to quality and excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home experts in every metropolitan location on Houzz.  

Here are a few of Cathers Home latest projects.

Come to our showroom in Basalt, Colorado to see and feel the exquisiteness of our designer furniture and accessories. Creating inviting, comfortable spaces is our passion.

Featured Service: Residential Design

When planning a new home or remodel, keeping track of all the details can be overwhelming! Our friendly design team has extensive experience in managing residential projects, large and small. We can help when that premier walnut flooring won’t arrive in time or when the electrician needs to suddenly leave town.

Residential Design Services

Our Residential Design Services give you peace of mind by creating a strong project plan and by taking care of issues that crop up during conception, installation, or completion. We partner with you and the builder, forming a cohesive team to implement a successful project.


Developing a budget is sometimes the most difficult part of the design process. Our ASID designers are experts at making the most of your hard earned dollars. If some options don’t work with your budget, our designers will quickly and appropriately develop other ideas, tailored to your style. The Cathers Home team knows that staying within the budget is important, and they keep this objective at the forefront during the life of the project.


Perhaps you have an idea of what you’d like to improve in your home, but need help visualizing the layout. Our hand sketches and AutoCAD skills give life to your vision. Together we’ll develop a design plan and layouts to create a functional and beautiful environment that reflects your lifestyle.

Other Services

We can also assist with tile specifications, furniture layouts, space planning, custom window treatments, lighting specifications and any aspect of the design process.

Whether you’re remodeling a room or building a new home, it’s a major investment of time and energy. Our Cathers Home design team has the experience, professionalism and industry knowledge to assist you in seamlessly creating a unique space that reflects your requirements and lifestyle.






Featured Furniture Line: Hickory Chair

“Amazing lines, passionate American craftsmanship and timeless designs.” These phrases only begin to describe one of our favorite furniture collections—Hickory Chair.

Besides being beautiful and comfortable, the Hickory Chair pieces are completely customizable. For one of our design projects we used the bed and nightstands to build a contemporary, yet classic look in the master bedroom.

Hickory Chair Bed and Nightstands

One of our favorite pieces in the line is the Bird Wing Chair. With it’s gorgeous curves, sumptuous upholstery and stately presence, the Bird Wing Chair adds a graceful elegance to the bedroom or living room.

Inspired by a 19th century wing chair, this work of art comes in all the Hickory Chair fabrics and leathers.

Hickory Chair Wing Chair

Although the company’s hallmark is traditional pieces, the designers are incorporating new finishes, fabrics and customizations to blend in contemporary settings.

Besides a commitment to timeless style and handcrafted quality, Hickory Chair is committed to the environment. Employing responsible business practices with sustainability in mind, this company empowers consumers and employees, while respecting the earth.

Hickory Chair is truly “Made in America” with about 90% of their furnishings made in their Hickory, North Carolina workroom. As a testament to their longevity in the industry, the company celebrated 100 years of business in 2011.

If you’d like to experience the Bird Wing Chair, or other Hickory Chair pieces, please give us a call, send an email or stop by our showroom. We love to show our favorite pieces and discuss how they’ll fit into your home and lifestyle. 

Cathers Home Selected to Appear in Rhapsody Magazine

Cathers Home is honored to have been chosen as the top interior design firm from the Roaring Fork Valley to appear in United Airlines’ Rhapsody Magazine.

As a monthly luxury publication, Rhapsody offers a unique perspective of culture, fine dining and luxury goods to United’s premium cabin customers.

Here’s the Cathers Home display page that United Airlines premium customers will see in November:

United Airlines chose Cathers Home as the valley’s top design firm for a variety of reasons:

·       A team of American Association of Interior Design (ASID) certified and award winning designers

·       A premier 3000 square foot furniture showroom, unparalleled in the Roaring Fork Valley

·       The knowledge, design ingenuity, experience and professionalism to provide great services, while creating comfortable and inviting spaces.

We hope that you’ll choose us for the same reasons. Please give us a call at 970.927.6556, send an email or stop by our beautiful showroom. We’d love discuss how to make your vision become a reality.